Nowadays, most athletes and bodybuilders who focus on strength training has started depending a lot on anabolic steroids. But in this process, they seem to ignore that fact that these steroids come with number of side effects which can be really harmful to your health if taken for a long duration. So keeping this negative side of the regular anabolic steroids in mind, manufacturers have come up with several steroid alternatives. These dietary supplements are made from the natural extracts of plants and are extremely safe to use. Ever since 2001, it has become impossible to buy anabolic steroids in the US, as a ban has been put on most of the drugs and they are considered illegal. So, bodybuilders have shifted to this natural and legal way of attaining muscle size and strength.

Few names to pick from

If you are planning to go for the legal alternatives then here is a list of some dietary supplements that have similar effects to bodybuilding steroids.

  • D-Bal –This is a natural alternative to the steroid Dianabol that creates an anabolic state in your body and causes massive gains.
  • Anvarol– This is the closest alternative to Anavar offering you strength and energy. It gives best results in the cutting cycles by helping you to do away with theexcess fat and water retention.
  • Decaduro–This is an alternative to DecaDurabolin and one of the popular steroids among most bodybuilders. It is great for the bulking cycle and provides joint pain relief.
  • Winsol–This can be used instead of Winstrol. It acts as a powerful performance enhancer.
  • Clenbutrol– This Clenbuterol alternative claims to be an efficient fat burner that helps in attaining the desired results in the cutting cycles.

The plus point

Studies have proved that certain natural ingredients help to boost the level of hormones in your body naturally. Some of the positive factors about these dietary supplements are:

  • They offer you similar effects like that of the regular anabolic steroids without causing any side effects
  • They can improve your lean muscle mass in a very short time
  • Just like regular steroids you can stack them in your bulking and cutting cycles
  • They come in the form of oral supplements, so you avoid the pain caused by injections
  • These are approved by the FDA
  • Reasonably priced
  • Requires no prescription for acquiring

Where to buy from

Not only due to the side effects, but also the fact that acquiring anabolic steroids is a real pain forced most of the bodybuilders to start using these legal alternatives. You need a prescription to buy them from the pharmacy segments of Amazon,CVS, Walmart or Walgreens. And at the GNC, they don’t sell any regular steroids. But when it comes to the dietary supplements, that has similar effects to bodybuilding steroids, you will easily get them from any of these places or even online. When you are purchasing it online you should get it from any of the official websites to ensure that you are acquiring an authentic product.